Gelato Bus Stop



1001 Garnet Ave
San Diego CA 92109
(619) 578-3828


Our Values "If you want to succeed, don't do your job for money, do it for the love of the job itself, put your passion in every gelato, every single day" Be dedicated to the research, use the best ingredients even when they’re more expensive, don’t accelerate processes even if you’ll produce more, listen to the point of view and suggestions given from the customers in order to satisfy all their requests. Don’t decrease our quality even if the competitors doing it can offer a cheaper product. Offer the best product possible, always. These are the values which “Gelato Bus Stop” are based on. This is the reason we brought the best gelato makers straight from Italy. Even though our machines were more expensive than the standard gelato makers, we are proud to be the only store in California that has them. We buy our fresh ingredients such as fruits, milk, and eggs in local shops and our experience has roots spanning over 50 years



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1 2013-12-31